best wireless mouses for gaming in 2021

Best wireless mouses for gaming in 2021

The mouse is in fact an important tool kit for any computer or laptop. Without it, no one can work on a PC. And on a laptop, it is pretty time taking to use a touchpad for scrolling and clicking. So, you always, need to have a mouse with you. But the question arises. Which one? Which are the best mouses to choose from, whether that is gaming or daily activities.

Being a designer, I have bought some of the best mouses for graphic designing for years. And those have been working for years. And still some of those models are available in the market. And today I am going to show you some of the best mouses, that you should consider buying for gaming.

So, sit back, relax and read on!

Best wireless mouses for gaming in 2021:

Apple Mouse 2:

The first one on the list is the Apple mouse2. This is the second model mouse from Apple Inc. this mouse has a DPI of 8K with the optical tracking system. This mouse works best with Apple devices. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work with every device. It can be connected through the USB port. And with an ultra-slim body. It has great ergonomics too. The mouse is fully Embidextrous, which means, that you can use it with your left hand or right hand.

It comes usually in two colors, silver, and white. Moreover, it has 4 buttons with one wheel for scrolling. The wheel is made of metal. So, the scrolling gets easier. The price of the Apple mouse 2 is also considered a bit more expensive than usual. 

But this is the best fit for mac devices. And if you are going to buy a mouse for your mac machine. So, the Apple mouse 2 should be considered in your list.

Longitude M7 mouse:

Longitude is a big name in the field of electronics especially mouses. This company has been making mouses for the last 7 years. And this is  M7 mouse is one of the latest models released this year with some extraordinary features and specifications.

This mouse also comes with a trackball and is capable of working almost on any surface from glass to wood. The trackball helps you to move the cursor by moving the mouse itself on the surface. And the M7 comes with an 8k DPI with an optical sensor for fast scrolling and output. This mouse also comes with a charging dock. So, you don’t need to change the batteries often. And one battery is enough for years. However, gaming is intense activity. So, it might show a bit less backup timing, which becomes up to 1 month in a single charge.

Amazon basic ergonomic mouse:

The last one on the list is the product by amazon itself. This is an extraordinary mouse at a very cheap price. And with all the features, that a gamer needs. This mouse comes with 12K dpi. And it uses laser technology instead of the typical optical sensor. Which makes it much faster than other mouses.

The mouse is available on Amazon only. And it comes in different colors ranging from pink to grey. The most are best for office works as well as gaming. It comes with 4 customizable buttons and a wheel. The company claims to have a charing backup of 3 months upon moderate use.

Bottom Line:

Well, as I bought these mouses. I had a great experience using them. Except for the first one, both the other mouses work with every device and with every operating system including macOS, Windows 10, or Linux.