Best oil rubbed bronze shower system at affordable price.

The oil rubbed bronze shower system is really clear! It replaces the old bath with a sleek rain shower head and with a multifunctional hand shower designed for the use of your current pump. The built-in slidebar allows the manual shower and soapbox to be adjusted to the height while providing a convenient position for switching functions. The calming rain showerhead and multifunction handheld can be used for various spray combinations separately or together. Usable for any decoration in chromium, brushed-nickel or bronze oil rubbing. Installation is less than 1 hour usually. The water supply is easily connected to your current shower and uses your same water supply.The incredible architecture transforms even the most modest shower room. The hydro driven system enables LED lights to provide visual temperature indications for showering, in order to minimize waste of water. The water temperature control switches color in all Fontana LED shower heads. The Blue color is shown automatically when the water temperature is < 89 ° F (to 32 ° C) The color Green is shown automatically if the temperature of the water is about 97 and 107 ° F (36-42 ° C). The Red color is automatically reflected when there is a water temperature between 109 and 122 ° F (43-50 ° C). The color red will flash instantly, if the water temperature is greater than 122°F (>50°C). We provide the best oil rubbed bronze shower system at best price.