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Best 3 Electric Bicycle for Sale

In many cities and states, the motor output of electric bicycles is limited to 750 watts. If you are looking for the largest, fastest and most powerful electric bicycle, you can ride it on the road and check out today’s top model list.


From powerful outdoor working horses to light and flexible commuters, we have demonstrated a wide range of bicycle options to ensure that each rider can find a suitable bike. And we’d like to recommend best electric bicycle for sale for you.


Drunken Scorpion

Scorpion is a very good equipment, it has double suspension, including lights, fenders, noise generator, and a generous rear frame. The design is obviously influenced by motocross, mopeds and motorcycles.


The weight of the bike just reflects what’s on it. Juiced doubled his investment in the heavy mop bike (walking frame) and replaced it with a huge motor. Although the electric motor is not instant, the Scorpion’s 1800W peak hub motor allows you to compress power with the throttle alone.


The long, flat seat cushion behind the scorpion plant rear frame works well with the rear suspension to keep the driver comfortable. It has a solid frame, 20 ″ puncture resistant tires, and pays great attention to details in the overall design and subtle engineering of each component.


It is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes to obtain greater braking force, which is a popular additional function for a bicycle weighing up to 100 pounds.


The Scorpion’s hydraulic front fork has a lock and is paired with a spring based rear suspension system, giving you an impressive smooth ride. It offers eight gear options for the rear transmission, which is actually a gear range, capped at the 32 tooth rear cassette.

The bike is heavy enough, and its gears are conservative enough. Even with pedal assistance, it is difficult for the bike to go uphill at 20 miles per hour. For this electric bicycle, at the highest level of pedal assistance, 24 mph is a very achievable speed, which can reach 28 mph under ideal conditions.

In terms of mileage, expect 25 miles of throttle or 40 miles of pedal assistance.


Scorpion X


The new Scorpion X electric mop bike offers an upgraded riding experience with more power, speed, and range! Equipped with a new electronic system and a custom RetroBlade motor, the Scorpion X offers an epic electric bicycle loaded with super advanced features.


Rad Runner Plus


Compared with other electric bicycles on the list, this 74.4 pound RadRunner Plus moped is quite heavy. It provides suspension, fenders, racks, lights, gear pedal assistance, and noise generators.


It has a solid frame, puncture resistant tires, and pays great attention to details in the overall design and subtle engineering of each component. All this will last for years.


You can use the mechanical disc brake that comes with your bike. The RadRunner weighs more than three times as much as a regular road bike. Some additional braking force provided by hydraulic brake will surely be appreciated by most riders.

The front locking suspension fork can solve the occasional dirt road easily.


RadRunner Plus has 7 gear options on the rear transmission and 34 teeth on the flywheel. It can get rid of some human assistance, especially if you want to maintain a speed of 20 mph, so the Shimano Acera transmission is very popular.


In real riding conditions, with maximum pedal assistance, you will strive to reach an average of 20 miles per hour, although some come from starting and stopping. Nevertheless, a comfortable range of 16-17 mph and approximately 26 mph is expected at the highest pedal assist level.