Aus Safe Support Promises Reliable Transportation Services for NDIS Participants In Sydney

Glendenning, NSW ( October 28, 2022 – Every citizen of Australia with a disability is entitled to receive funds and support services under National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Transportation is one of the indispensable requirements for most NDIS participants. Aus Safe Support, a leading support service provider in Sydney, has pledged to provide the best NDIS travel services in Sydney for persons with disability.

The NDIS Registered provider offers a wide range of support services, including daily personal activities, household tasks, community participation, and travel assistance. “Everyone needs to travel for going to school, college, office, medical appointments and many other purposes. It’s indeed challenging for persons with disability to travel from one place to another. But we make sure that disabled individuals’ life remains hassle-free with our NDIS travel assistance in Sydney and other suburbs. We’ve highly qualified and friendly staff who will look after the NDIS participants’ travel needs from start to finish,” says the spokesperson for Aus Safe Support.

Aus Safe Support provides travel assistance through the participant’s own vehicle, public transport, or other transport options. “Being certified and registered NDIS provider in Sydney, we have met all the requirements for safety, experience and approval. As an NDIS participant, you can rely on our service for NDIS travel assistance in Sydney and the suburbs. We strongly believe that no disability should prevent an individual from achieving his goals. Our travel assistance service will help you achieve your goals with ease. Our licensed drivers got you covered whenever and wherever you need our service,” adds the spokesperson.

Aus Safe Support’s NDIS travel services in Sydney include taking the participant to the doctor, accompanying to work, school, college or university, visiting family and friends, going to the cinema, café, and shopping. They are based out of Glendenning, and they serve all NDIS participants living in Western Sydney and the Sydney suburbs.

About Aus Safe Support

Aus Safe Support is a well-known NDIS registered provider that helps persons with disability access the best support services in Western Sydney and the surrounding areas. From providing NDIS travel and transport assistance and life stage transition assistance to managing household tasks and daily activities, they cover a wide range of support services.

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Aus Safe Support
Aus Safe Support
Aus Safe Support provides an excellent support service to individuals with disability, living in all Sydney suburbs (North Sydney, Western Sydney, Sydney, South Eastern Sydney and South Western Sydney).