Are you looking for a Web Designer in India?

If you are looking for a Web Designer in India, you must first of all know the difference between Web Design and Web Development.

Most developers leave the technical aspect to the developers and are mainly concerned with the functionality and what the end users actually see.

When you hire a company or a professional to design your l your website, you must ensure that the work meets the following criteria described in the next section.

The main guidelines for Web Designers

# 1 The website must be simple to navigate

Make sure the website is simple to use and that users can easily navigate the site to access information.

Menus should be easily accessible and call-to-action should be properly used within the website.

The general architecture of the website should be simple to navigate.

# 2 The website must be compatible with different browsers and devices

People access websites using a wide variety of browsers or devices. Therefore, it is important that your website is compatible with different browsers.

Many people use mobile devices to access websites, with many different versions of the operating system (Android, IOS, etc.) and versions.

The website, nowadays, must therefore be responsive.

This means that the site must adapt to different mobile devices and therefore users will have a good user experience, regardless of the type of device they use.

# 3 The website needs to make moderate use of multimedia content

Multimedia content can be used to improve the design: video and audio usually help to present information so that users can understand it easily.

However, some Web Designers usually let themselves be carried away and exploit multimedia too much.

# 4 The website must have an interactive design

Make sure the website is interactive and makes the right use of call-to-actions.

You can choose the option to have a blog on the website and allow users to post their comments on the articles. It is also possible to publish surveys on the website or to encourage subscriptions to your newsletter (for example by sending ad-hoc premium content).

# 5 The website must use the latest technology

Technology is dynamic and so should every website. It is therefore appropriate to make sure that the developers or designers use the latest technology, and that the design follows the latest trends on the market.


Now that you know the main criteria that Web Design services must guide in the design of your website, if you wish you can leave your comment bel