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New Delhi – The Antriksh India Group works with the mission of establishing homes that people might always have dreamt of but only a few of them have the ability to accomplish such abodes.

The good news for home seekers in Delhi is that Antriksh India will be launching property developments under the New Delhi Awas Yojna, a scheme introduced by the government with the objective of making it possible for the low and the middle-income group individuals to have spaces that they can call their own. The scheme comes up with the promise of delivering gorgeous and well-constructed apartments that lie very close to some of the most happening destinations in the national capital, all this within a range that can easily be afforded by home seekers.

Delhi Development Authority New Delhi Awas Yojna has its location in Dwarka Phase 2 which lies very close to the Gurgaon IT Hub and the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Commutation has been made convenient in this location with the availability of Delhi Metro. One of the most attractive features of this property undertaking is its modern street structure. It is the street network that has knitted the entire township in the most beautiful manner. As far as women empowerment is concerned, the scheme offers good empowerment to women by reserving one-third of the property for senior citizens and women. Delhi Housing Scheme has already been approved by the Delhi Urban Development Ministry under Master Plan Delhi 2021.
MPD 2021 is the most buzzing word in the national capital at present. The main objective of this plan is providing highly affordable residential units to individuals who actually do not have the means to buy the best homes in the capital city. The plan has its main focus on offering basic infrastructures like proper sewage, sanitation, well-constructed and well-connected roads, and healthcare clinics.

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