Advance Laminates to step into the untapped segment of USA Collection

Noida,  Uttar Pradesh – Feb 20, 2023 – Advance Decorative Laminates, one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of laminates recently launched its USA Collection. The business move was to expand their product range and target new segments in the market.


They cater to a wide market and supply to various dealers, distributors, carpenters, and interior designers. It is a subsidiary of the highly renowned Amba Group which was established in 1991. It has been operational for more than 7 years and has expanded their product range to 1573+ designs, textures and finishes.


Diverse Laminates Collection

Advance Decorative Laminates are known for their diverse collection of High Pressure Laminates, High Gloss Laminates, Exterior wall cladding and many more such surface solutions. Their exclusive designs and 11 years of warranty make them distinctive in the market. Their newly launched USA Collection adheres to the same high quality assurance, exclusive designs, and wide variety standards.


Customers are responding positively towards the collection as the colours and textures are worth the hype. The word of mouth clearly seems to signify the audacity of this collection. Not only customers but dealers, carpenters and interior designers, everyone is witnessing an upsurge in demand of the same. 


Other Elusive Collection

With the Indian Market’s acquired taste for modernity, they have put forward the USA Collection along with others including Omega Series, Doors Skin Collection and Nexa Collection. Their research and development department analyse the problems faced by customers and come up with specific solutions like thickness of laminates, modern design and illuminating textures.


Their One MM Thickness Collection and Acrylic Collection holds a warm spot among consumers as their colour range elucidates modern vibe with luxury decor. But their new collection seems to have taken over the market with differentiated shades, perfectly depicting a luxury finish.


The elaborate collection of Advance Decorative Laminates come with vibrant colours ranging from yellow to brown, available in different types including wooden, gloss, and matte. Their collection has laminates for every other need starting from bathroom to kitchen to living room. Apart from providing laminates for interiors, they also have Exterior Wall Cladding which not only protects the home from sunlight but also from rain, corrosion, and other climatic conditions.


Their Unique Proposition to the Market

The 90 Degree Bendable feature makes it perfect to work with. One can give any desirable look and feel to their interiors along with adding any texture or specific shade to any part of your home. The perfect decoration one could add to the home is laminates as they not only last for years but also add a luxury touch to the interiors.


Vision with Laminates in India

Coming to their mission which is Decorating India, it now seems quite fulfilling as every other home in India is decorated with Advance Laminates with their modern and innovative collection manufactured with the right research and development. 


“Home, the place where we feel most loved and warm, why not decorate it with the best material and finish. We started with just one dream of decorating homes but gradually became aware of ongoing market malpractices with thickness, colours and what not, but that didn’t stop us from moving forward and started manufacturing the finest laminates that have no comparison with the ones available in the market. And gradually our collection widened with various designs, textures and finishes and we became the most preferred laminates supplier.” Word from Directors’ desk.


Be it home or any other space, the walls play an important role in decorating the space. Your walls usually exhibit the vibe of your space and you as an owner must decide to keep it well paced. That vibe can be best inhabited by choosing the best laminates that only match your desired look but also the overall vibe. Here the laminates are manufactured with thorough research and development and proper practical implication. The quality can be best assured here with quality material usage and process.


The USA Collection

The concept of the USA Collection was influenced by western culture. The collection has pastel shades and textures which are otherwise not available. The premium finishes herein makes them highly desirable in the market. 


Looking at their prices, they too are quite affordable in the long run. If we compare them to other surface solutions like paint, they demand maintenance within 5 years and thus prove to be expensive in the long run. While laminates last 20-50 years, they are durable with distinctive features like stain resistance, water resistance which makes them easy to maintain. 


Getting those high finish interiors sometimes gets tough as the look we want, sometimes can’t be justified with what we get but that is not a thing with Advance Laminates as they give your interiors as well exteriors perfect finish that you desire.




Advance Decorative Laminates

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