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About the beauty of cleanliness

Cleaning cosmetics refer to the best beauty products that can remove dirt, clean skin, and eliminate bad smells. The most common ones are the following.
Cleansing cream or facial cleanser: Cleansing cream or facial cleanser can not only use the wetting, permeation, and emulsification of surfactants to decontaminate, but also its oily ingredients can penetrate and dissolve dirt, oil paint, pigment, etc. on the skin, and remove sebum, dander, and best beauty products residue accumulated in hair follicles. It has a comprehensive decontamination effect and is better than soap. It is recommended to use it every day. An ideal cleanser/cleanser should have the following characteristics: After contact with skin, it can be softened by body temperature, with moderate viscosity and convenient application; It can quickly penetrate into the pores through the skin surface and clear the dirt in the pores; The skin feels comfortable, soft, without the greasy feeling, easy to wipe dirt; It does not contain irritating ingredients that are easily absorbed by the skin, does not contain hormones or other ingredients that damage the skin cutin, and is safe to use; PH value is between 5.5-7.5;
Facial grinding cream: Facial grinding cream is a kind of facial grinding and cleaning cream containing tiny particles. It can effectively remove dirt and break keratinocytes on the skin surface through the friction between the tiny particles and the skin surface, at the same time, it can promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin, stretch the fine wrinkles of the skin, dredge the pores, and prevent acne. An ideal facial grinding cream should have a neutral or weak acid PH value, mild and non-irritating, basically, the same size of tiny particles contained, smooth, and without edges and corners. According to the different skin characteristics of each person, the use method and frequency of facial scrub are different: Oily skin: 2-3 times a week, 10 minutes each time; Dry skin: once a month, 5-6 minutes each time; Those with poor skin barrier function are not recommended;
Bath best beauty products: bath cosmetics refer to skin cleaning cosmetics used by people in bathing, including bath gel/gel, foam bath, soap, and bath salt. At present, bath cosmetics on the market often add active ingredients that can moisturize, cool, and relieve itching. They can also soften water quality, sterilize and promote blood circulation in the whole body while cleaning the skin, achieving the effects of nourishing, moisturizing, cooling, and mild. It is recommended to use it no more than 3 times a week to prevent skin barrier damage due to excessive cleaning. A high-quality bath best beauty products should have the following characteristics: With rich foam and moderate cleaning ability, it will not make the skin decrease excessively; Mild effect, low skin irritation, no irritation to eyes and mucous membrane; When used, the skin feels smooth, without the sticky and greasy feeling. After use, the skin is moist and soft, without a dry and tight feeling; It is easy to clean and will not leave sticky residue or sediment caused by hard water on the skin; The smell is fresh and pleasant.