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6 types of stylish & trendy Kurtis to have in your wardrobe!


1  Pink Floral Kurti

Another wardrobe staple. This light pink Kurti gives you the bubbly appearance that is popular in the summertime. The vibrant pink hue allows you to shine brighter in this dress. It’s perfect for friends for casual outings or day trips. Dress it up with matching earrings and a silver bracelet and you’re ready to go!


Based on the look of it, you’ll be in a position to determine that this particular item’s Pink pastels and floral designs are combined to create a stylish Kurti.

Look of the Kurti

The pink floral skirt comes with 3/4-sized sleeves along with a round neckline and an elongated silhouette. It’s a long kurti which means you can wear it with cigarette-style pants. The entire kurti is decorated with floral designs that emphasize elegance and elegance.

2 Off-White Kurti Set

Let’s face it! Whatever way we ladies love shopping it’s not as enjoyable as having an entire set. We’d love to own an ethnic collection with which we can only make sure that we match our accessories and makeup. This is exactly what this off-white set of Kurtis does for you.

It is possible to wear this ethnic ensemble to a Punjabi wedding as these are usually held in the morning hours. The off-white shade will reflect your style better when wearing in the daytime.


 The rangoli-inspired culture is the basis for this gorgeous kurti, featuring white motifs from the rangoli. It is one of the rangolis created by using chalk or rice flour. powder, and that’s why white is the main color of these Kurtis.

Look of the Kurti

The ethnic ensemble includes an ordinary shirt, straight pants, and a flowing wrap. The kurti is 3/4-sized sleeves and an elongated neckline with a mandarin collar. Motifs design are incorporated into the dupatta, while the trousers are white in color.

3 Off-White Frock-Like Kurti

What would a mix of a frock and Kurti look like? That sounds fantastic, isn’t it? 

this long kurti for women gives you the perfect combination of fashion and Kurti. It’s a slim and flared kurti, with the waist tie at mid-waist.

Wear this flared Kurti to the Holi event or casual night out. White suits you well in summer!


What is a game like “Shatranj” depicted on a Kurti? It’s hilarious! And that’s exactly the way our designers have added to this gorgeous off-white Kurti. Motifs based on games like Chess have been integrated into the style of the shirt. Super classy!

Look of the Kurti

It’s one of the Kurtis you must have in your closet that you can wear for your upcoming party plans. The Kurti is simple in its design with 3/4-sized sleeves as well as an elongated neckline. However, the flare at the bottom of the dress makes this piece distinctive. The tie-up waistband gives the perfect fitting. In addition, there’s a place for the print that is in line with the other patterns.

4 Blue Short Solid Kurti

Short kurtis are essential during the summer months since it is a perfect match with anything. It can be worn with a Patiala salwar or a pair of slim pants or jeans. This dark blue kurti is perfect for your day-to-day wear.  You can wear it for important meetings at work as well as at home on days when an important guest is due!


The blue solid Kurti is a distinct collection of garments that are made from exclusive materials and designs. The neckline-adorning brooch in the Kurti is a unique accessory to the overall look.

Look of the Kurti

If the roll-up sleeves, the mandarin collars, and a straight cut don’t make it easy for you to take this blue kurti with style, then a fashionable brooch can. The blue kurti is solid and does not have much to draw attention to aside from the embellishment around the neckline. This is what makes it a fantastic event kurti to certainly have in your wardrobe.

5 Black Striped Kurti

If you love wearing kurtis in the office and work, here’s a good one to put in your closet. Available in three shades: yellow, black, and blue The striped kurti is essential for those who work. If formal attire doesn’t seem to be your style, this kurti can be an alternative. You can dress it up with straight cigarette trousers to finish your look.


The stripes are intended to be worn casually and for corporate wear. This piece does not have any specific inspiration, however, it’s an element of her “Texture” theme.

Look of the Kurti

The black-striped kurti has a trendy look. It’s one of those clothes that you’ll wear whenever you aren’t able to find something suitable for your mood. The kurti comes with a straight cut, 3/4-sized sleeves as well as an asymmetrical neckline with a mandarin collar. These vertical stripes have been accented by the buttons that are colored around the neckline.

6 Sea Green Embroidered Short Kurti

Whether it’s a kurti short or a tunic, this women embroidered kurti dress is an attraction for women. In addition to the soft sea-green hue, the vibrant embroidery is reflected beautifully. The embroidery covers over half the midriff.

This tunic can be worn for special occasions such as date nights, family gatherings, or informal lunches.


The sea-green tunic is a stand-alone rock star. It is a great choice to wear with the simplest bottoms since the embroidery of the kurti is an accessory by itself. Bandhani refers to “Bandhan”, which depicts knots being tied.

Look of the Kurti

It’s more like a tunic however, you could also refer to it as a short kurti. The sea-green hue is pretty with white, pink as well as yellow embroidery. The tunic is fitted with an A-line silhouette, as well as sleeves of 3/4 inches. It’s a must-have for any wardrobe!