5 Types of Interviews You Might Face

A job interview is the main obstacle between you and your career. The recruiters want to make sure that you know everything, for which they are searching. They will test your capabilities. The interview should go well to make your path clear to the find jobs.

To make your interview successful, you must have knowledge of all the interview types so that you can give your best in any kind of interview. If you don’t know all of the common interview forms, then we are here to show you some of the most common interview formats that you must know:

The Usual Interview

You are familiar with these types of interviews because they are common in the career world. They are simply organized with a single or multiple interviewers. Candidate’s behavior and logical thinking are tested. It is usually done in the company’s own office. It is a face-to-face interview, which includes you and your interviewer.

Practice is required to pass this interview, as it demands your best. 

Telephonic Interviews

Interviews over phones are quickly getting common because of few reasons. Time and availability are the primary reasons behind it. Telephone interviews are useful when the candidate cannot come to the interview location or when the recruiters are busy that they cannot give time for a face-to-face interview. It saves time for both sides. These types of interviews are generally done before the main interview.

Web Conferencing Interviews

It is another method of testing you without your availability in front of the interviewer. Actually, you are facing the interview virtually. Nothing is special here, this is like the usual interview. The only difference is that it is done online on the web.

Skype is the most popularly used software for these types of interviews. The employer will inform you about the video call interview in advance. You should be prepared on time. Make yourself familiar with the software, which will be used, like the Skype, etc.

Case Interviews

Another interview format, which is becoming popular, is the case interview. It is a specially designed form of testing the candidate in the real world. The aspirant is given some puzzles or situations to deal with.

Recruiters will judge the candidate according to his/her performance. They can ask you questions, which don’t make any sense, but you have to intelligently cope with them. Companies are regularly experimenting with their employees with these types of meetings.

Group Interviews

You don’t get to see group interviews in many companies. It is generally organized when they are hiring multiple people for the same position. There can be more than one interviewer too. Don’t panic, this is the time for you to show your real abilities and skills.

Present yourself confidently. Nothing is worried about the other candidates. If you have talent, then nothing can push you behind from becoming a part of the successful crowd.

This is just a short list of commonly used methods to examine the candidate. There are many other forms of interviews, which are being used by companies.

If you still haven’t got a chance to be interviewed, then you might be missing something somewhere. Check if your resume is properly updated and turn on the free job alert to get notified of any new job opportunity.

All the Best!