5 Best Foods to Try If You Are In UK

Food plays an integral part of a country’s culture. If you are looking to have an immersive experience of British culture then make sure that you try the cuisine it has to offer. There are so many culinary delights that will allow you to taste the culture of the region and create fond memories.

Here is a list of five foods that should be on your list when you are in UK.

An English breakfast:

When you are in the UK make sure that you try the English breakfast at least once. It is the royalty of breakfasts. There are different versions of the breakfast available as these breakfasts can be full Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Full or English.

The English breakfast is probably the most fulfilling breakfast you can find in the world. Every food that comes to your mind when you think of breakfast is including in it. It includes eggs, beans, black pudding, sausages, tomatoes, hash browns and so much more. It is the most varied and delicious breakfast available and is a great representation of Britain.

Meat Pies:

British love eating meat pies. It is the perfect comfort food for the region as there is nothing better than eating a hot, flaky and soft meat pie on a cloudy or rainy day. The meat pies in Britain have filled steak chunks that are soft and juicy. The taste is improved with gravy, creamy chicken, potato and ground beef. These pies are a satisfying meal as the plate of hearty deliciousness will satisfy your hunger and offer warmth and comfort.

Fish and chips:

A trip to Britain offers a great opportunity to try the best version of fish and chip in the world. It is the perfect food to eat while enjoying the scenic beauty of a beach or a gorgeous garden. There is no shortage of beautiful places in the UK.  You can fully take in the beauty of the scene by listening to squawking seagulls and crashing waves with a heaping portion of delicious fish and chips by your side.

If you want to enjoy the best version of fish and chips then you should take your time and find the best place. You can get them delivered to by using efficient services like fast food delivery Stockport. You can easily pack it up and enjoy the crispy, flaky and moist fish while breathing in the beauty of the region.

Traditional Sunday roast:

Make sure that the traditional Sunday roast is on your list of foods you need to try. It is known as the best foods that Britain has to offer. It is a simple and yet delicious and fulfilling meal. It consists of roasted meat along with roast vegetables and potatoes. The meal is also known as Yorkshire pudding.

Shepherd or Cottage’s pie:

It is an old favourite when it comes to British cuisine and it is quite different from a typical pie. The first layer of the pie is of minced meat and the second layer is of mashed potato and then baked in the oven. The combination of meat and potatoes is warm and delicious.