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5 Best Accessories for You – New E-Bike Riders

Want to switch to electric cars like thousands of people? If this is the case, or you have already replaced it, be sure to look at the best e bike accessories that every electric bike rider should have!


  1. Key cranial coverage


Before unpacking your electric bicycle, the first thing you must have is a good, suitable helmet. Whether or not the law in your area requires you to wear a helmet, a helmet can be the difference between life and death. Electric bicycles can easily reach a speed of 20-28 miles per hour, and some moped style electric bicycles are even faster. Any motorcycle rider can tell you that most of the injuries caused by high-speed driving are head injuries. Find a well made and suitable helmet. Bonus points for helmets with additional safety and security features, such as locking ports and/or rear lights.


  1. Charging while walking


Every piece of equipment you ride should be practical to make your life easier. Riding with a fully charged mobile phone is a must for safety and convenience! This “juice bike” mobile phone with charger allows you to use your mobile phone safely when riding, and even allows you to charge the battery of the electric bike.


“This mobile phone holder works well!” I live on a 40 acre farm, which can handle all the rough roads and trees in order to check my land. It is easy to install and safer than the one on my Harley motorcycle—— Dell K.


  1. Make some noise


For short trips, electric bicycles are a magical alternative to cars, which may mean riding in traffic instead of looking after them. Our best-selling accessory, juice horn/alarm system, will ensure the safety of you and your bike around the city. The 105 decibel horn will let the car know where you are, which will make you safer on the road. Once you arrive at your destination and lock your bike, the horn will also act as your alarm clock. By using the key chain, you can set the alarm clock to relax when you do your work.

“I’m very satisfied with this horn. The volume is perfect, even if the traffic sound and alarm function nearby are good, especially when you shop and park your bike outside the store! – Juice Rider, John B.


  1. On demand portable air


You won’t want to leave home without this multi-functional charging accessory! The portable air pump is a portable air compressor, which can inflate almost anything, not only electric bicycle tires, rubber balls, swimming pool toys, or even car tires. Just preset to the PSI you want. It is very suitable for camping, festivals, and your emergency bag on the road. This small air pump is a must.


“I have bought other similar portable electric air pump, and I am glad to receive this because it is smaller than others, but I can still pump up my bicycle tires and football without any problems. My pump is very small, so I put it in the back pocket of my bike. I am confident that if I need to use it again, it will always accompany me to ride the Juiced CrossCurrent S2 bike. — Juice Rider


  1. Lock it up!


Too many new electric bike riders have learned a painful lesson before finding out that you should never leave your bike unlocked and unattended. You don’t want to find yourself unable to lock, which means there are not enough locks. Using two different lock systems increases the chances that the bike thief will turn to an easier target. Watch our video to learn more about safety lock bikes.

“Simple and effective. A very strong chain and a” don’t mess with me “lock device. I like this product—— Juiced Rider, Timothy R. Have you considered joining the ranks of thousands of people turning to electric vehicles? If this is the case, or you have already replaced it, be sure to look at the essential accessories that every electric bicycle rider should have!