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5 Activities for Students with a Rental Car

What can students do when going on holiday and there is a possibility to rent a car under 25 yo? Yes, they can celebrate every happy day! The great idea is to gather with friends for a road trip around the USA. If to spend even all the time on the wheels, there is always something new to see and post on Instagram. This article is your sign to do something remarkable and fun. Catch our five activity ideas for you and your friends!

Have fun in Las Vegas

The first highlight relates to Las Vegas. It has a cheerful place reputation. You can visit five-star resorts and Casinos and even win a million dollars there. For youngsters, that is a match with nightlife full of energy and walking on the streets of brand boutiques. Indeed, that city will surprise you! You can preorder a car on the website and arrive here by plane. Then, pick up your wheels and go where you want, from the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” Sign to Fremont Street Experience. The latter is an enormous video screen in the form of an arched dome created in 1995! 

Travel from the city!

You can devote a day to the Hoover Dam (less than 1-hour drive to the South-East) or Death Valley (2 hours to the North-West from the city). These are the activities worth doing once. There are numerous options to get there: you may contact different tour guides on the Internet or take a rental car for under 25 yo students. You will

skywalk or photoshoot on the Hoover Dam or observe the red sands of the desert. Alternatively, you can navigate to the biggest place in New Mexico state, Albuquerque.


That is going to be an impressive ride from Sin City to Albuquerque. The explicit beauty of the desert land is waiting for you! Your itinerary will be as follows. Head to the northeast by I-40 E, a rental car under 25 years old. The Tonto National Forest will be on your way. That is one of the largest six national forests in Arizona. That is the place where valleys change mountain terrain. The range of heights deviates from 1400 feet to almost 8000 feet, driving from Sonora to the edge of Mogollon. High forests of pine wait for you to retrieve. You may take a tent to stay in for a night at a campground. There are many hotels and bars, though. Thus, that trip can be a pure nature weekend! A small tip: do not drive fast. Take your time to observe Laguna Pueblo and Petrified Forest National Park on your way. Finally, Albuquerque also meets tourists with utmost warmth. It suggests many museums, so visitors learn about the past, and ABQ Biopark to enjoy the present. 

Los Angeles getaway

Some prefer the Mediterranean climate to have a rest on the beach. The sunny Los Angeles boasts of it! As long as you gear up for a weekend there, use car rental for young drivers. It is a must because the local road network is a quest! The City of Angels is the second-largest city in the USA at 500 square miles. Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, beloved Beverly Hills, and many other districts are there. Even if you are grown, Disneyland still brings happiness! 

Besides, go swimming or laying basketball. Take a walk in Huntington Botanical Gardens to see the romantic Shakespeare Garden and 11 more gardens. Finally, dance in the nightclubs and bars!

Drive along Californian shores

After a few days in LA, do not wait in the city! Choose one of the best and most picturesque Californian highways. The first itinerary leads to San Diego by I-5 N. The road goes along the Pacific Ocean, sunny beaches, and palm trees. If you go straight to the destination, the way will last two hours. However, you can make as many stops as you want to enjoy and entertain. 

The second route is longer. It requires a few days, although it brings so much visual pleasure! Turn to the North! Yes, to San Francisco with its Golden Bridge. Yet, a samurai has no purpose but the way. So you will hit the road with the breeze of the mighty Pacific Ocean and watch the charming California State Route 1. The coastline is breathtaking!

Yet, be aware that there are many sharp turns! Then, the magnificent panoramas and rocky cliffs of San Francisco meet you. There is Silicon Valley, so you could find many fascinating centers to attend. The city strangely mixes Victorian-era buildings and modern trends in architecture and technique.

Do not postpone your trips with friends. When you get the chance to go, do it! Select one of the ideas in this article and create your itinerary. Good luck and have a great time!