4 Benefits of Instilling Critical Thinking in Students

A personality of a child is built with many skills and knowledge and takes in lots of effort from parents as well as teachers. The early years are very crucial for any child, and they form the base for all the knowledge and development ahead. If one wants to be successful in their career, and want to do well in life, thinking objectively is critical.

Things happen often, and when one is not able to analyze the reason for them happening, it is known to be the lack of critical thinking. Critical thinking is all about analyzing and understanding a situation based on facts and not involving personal opinions. This helps in understanding the chain of events on factual information. Thus, critical thinking is important to have a successful career and life.

Divisions of Critical Thinking Ability

  • Identification: This is when people identify the happening of the events and the factors involved
  • Research: A critical thinker research the happenings well
  • Relevance Determination: The critical thinker will determine the facts that re relevant and not relevant
  • Bias Identification: This allows one to identify biases in decisions and actions taken
  • Inference: Critical thinking allows one to infer from the given context, facts, situations and finally decide

Benefits of Critical Thinking

  • This helps the child to be curious about the things and their surroundings
  • They become better problem-solvers and decision-makers in situations
  • Critical thinking boosts creativity in children
  • This makes the child more independent in their actions and thinking process

How To Develop Critical Thinking

In order to instill critical thinking, it’s important for parents and teachers to start the process gradually and from the early days.

  • Reading Comprehension: Parents should encourage their children to read more and understand what they are reading. Ask them questions.
  • Questions: Ask them questions about the various activities that they are doing, like reading, watching, or listening to an excerpt. This will help them to relate the facts they learnt and understand.
  • Riddles & Games: Make the child play games and riddles that require analysing facts and information at hand.
  • Summarizing: Parents should build up the habit of summarizing in their kids. This is a helpful habit in bringing together the facts of what is important and leaving behind what is not important.

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