2 of the best musical movies of all time

Movies and musicals transform our normal, mundane human experiences into huge emotional bursts. We shoot and edit scenes, we write songs and sing songs when words are not enough. In itself, these forms provide a great deal of catharsis. But what about when you combine those suction cups? Fasten your culture loving seat belt, baby.

Movie musicals have existed since the beginning of the history of film, which began with borrowing the equipment and talents of the creators of stage musicals. With the skills and production settings that cannot be achieved in the real-life space-time drama environment, movie musicals such as the wizard of Oz, singing in the rain and Cherbourg’s umbrella have become the symbols of the film. Creativity, originality, prestige and the fun of old popcorn.

However, as we enter the 21st century, since 2000, film musicals have become an exception, rather than the rules of film expectation and impulse. In other words, when a contemporary musical movie is released, it “means something”. Therefore, with the release of a “highly developed” movie musical in 2021, we think it is time to analyze these exceptions in the 21st century. Almost all the art forms and crafts of these celebrations can be put into them and list the best movie musical in the 21st century. Start those toe taps!

1.Anna and the Apocalypse

There are two kinds of people in the world: one is the one who shakes his head in disappointment or embarrassment after reading the words “Scottish zombie Christmas high school music horror comedy”, and the other is the one who has a heart and a spirit. Anna and the Apocalypse is not only a funny bloody horror comedy that is very suitable for Halloween and a sincere and sweet film that is very suitable for Christmas, but also a fascinating and dynamic musical that will make you laugh, cry and sing in the joy of the festival.

Emily hunt, played by Dickinson, plays the famous Anna. She is a high school student with relevant high school student problems. Even though they may be relatively small, they feel like the end of the world. Of course, when the real end of the world happens, the situation will change. She finds herself in the middle of the zombie catastrophe and is forced to fight, kill and sing in a small Scottish town where zombies haunt to save her father. Director John mcpheel has injected George A. Romero and John Hughes into the film. Even if you sing happily with the music and enjoy the beauty of zombie terror, you will really feel these teenagers and their problems.

2. Chicago

Chicago was named the best film of 2002 at the 75th Academy Awards. Robmarshall had good reasons for the wonderful adaptation of this well received Broadway musical. Over the years, adaptation has plagued various writers until Bill Condon managed to crack it. Marshall gave it a dazzling visual effect. He has been chasing (but never exactly matching) his subsequent musicals, such as No. 9, into the woods and marypoins’ return. Despite the 1920s’ background, the story of rosiehart (Renee Zellweger), who pursued fame, being imprisoned for murdering his lover (Dominic West), still reflects our criminal entertainment culture. The most impressive aspect of Chicago is how it can adopt its excellent tune lineup, such as “cell block tango” and “we both reached for the gun”, and make amazing sequences around them. Chicago has not lost any advantage, given its distance from the award chatter.