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2 Best Fat Tire E Bikes for You

How can we choose the best fat tire e bike in the sea of fast growing products? The answer to this question depends on the bike and the category. But in each case, these electric bicycles are selected by consensus of our electric bicycle testing expert team.


Some bicycles, such as Aventon’s electric fat bike, stood out in the test and became clear leaders. Other models, such as Blix Aveny Skyline and Ride1UP 700 series, are selected as alternative models for very specific reasons.

Electric XP 3.0 Best Folding Electric Commuter Bike, 2022


It may not be the most luxurious or highest specification folding electric bicycle on the market, but God, it is hard to deny the popularity and value of electric XP 3.0.


The staff of the Electric Bicycle Report have been paying attention to the electric bicycle sightings in the wild. We want to know what people ride and why, and the electric XP series can be said to be the most common. There are good reasons for its popularity: it is not only very cheap (in terms of price, not feeling), but only about 1000 dollars. In fact, it is a very interesting electric bicycle.


This is the third iteration of the electric company’s XP folding fat tire electric bicycle. This new version, released in 2022, is equipped with a 500W motor, a suspension fork, a mechanical disc brake on a 180mm rotor and a 48V 10.4Ah battery. It has a fairly good range (in terms of its size). In recent versions, such as a bracket that can support 150 pounds (and a partner with the correct accessory kit), the improved contact points are softer and more.

At this price, the specification sheet itself is very valuable, but we don’t recognize it because of its parts. We like its driving sense. XP 3.0 is a sturdy small folding bicycle, which reminds me of the old Honda tricycle popular in the late 1980s. It is not super fast or super flexible, but its bouncing is not like others, and it will not disappoint you.


Electric XP 3.0 stole our hearts with its economical and interesting factors. What needs to be clear is that there are more advanced folding bikes to meet different needs, but this bike seems to be the champion of affordable folding electric bikes. Among all the electric bicycles listed on this list of best electric bicycles, there may not be a more affordable one with more functions.


RadCity 5+Best Level 2 Electric Commuter Bike, 2022


Rad Power Bikes really reinvented the latest version of their super popular commuter bus. RadCity 5 Plus comes with many new parts in its redesigned appearance. We are fans of the new RadCity, and it’s easy to think that it will be included in our best electric bicycle list.


The upgrade in appearance is obvious: Rad replaced the external battery pack with a semi integrated frame battery. The modern painting work on a classic Dutch style bicycle is also a good combination. Rad also uses a dual display setup that we rarely see, breaking down information in a good way.

The power bike is a 672Wh battery and a 750W gear rear hub motor. Rudd has dialed the electronic device to smoothly participate in the ride and maintain the rider’s comfort and control.


It not only rolls well, but also stops well. We tested the ladder and high ladder frame of RadCity Plus. In the two brake tests, RadCity performed best among the bicycles we tested. The NUTT hydraulic disc brake of 180mm rotor performs very well and seems to be the correct specification choice.


With a 59.5 pound rear frame, a 50 mm suspension fork, fenders and integrated front and rear lights, this electric bicycle can meet almost all the requirements on your commuter wish list.